Moodle Makeovers

The following updates were made to our official learning platform powered by Moodle in the 2013-2014 academic year.


  • At the end of term 2 the platform was successfully upgraded  from version 2.5 to 2.6 which brought some important security and performance enhancements.


  • Consolidated student and staff quick links into one drop-down menu for improved mobile device layout
  • Added items to Help for quick access to video tutorials, supporting documentation as well as forms for new course requests.


  • Embedded Google Calendar displaying school wide events
  • Default number of News Items changed to three
  • Quick links to GoogleApps and iFolios
  • Embedded Pinboard of Student Infographics


  • Streamlined Assignment grading page for the ‘Aardvark’ and ‘Clean’ themes.

Mobile Optimization

  • Changed default theme to ‘Clean’ for both Tablet and Mobile devices

Testing of Moodle 2.7 in a ‘sandbox’ environment is underway and we are looking forward to bringing more usability, assessment and performance enhancements to the community in the next academic year.

Special thanks are extended to Vishal Mipuri from our IT Department for his time and support.

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Departing Students and Teachers: Google Takeout

There are several ways of exporting your Google data (docs, mail, contacts etc), and using Google Takeout is just one of these methods. Why should you use Google Takeout as opposed to exporting data manually from each Google product/service? Takeout is a “one stop shop”, in that you can selectively enable/disable services from the final archive thus simplifying the entire process.

Screenshot 2014-05-22 12.16.05








Although Takeout gives you an archive of your data, please note that Google Takeout is not intended as a ‘backup and restore’ tool i.e. you will not be able to take your archive and restore it to a personal GMail account in a single seamless step. Some Google services e.g. Contacts and Drive (Docs) will allow you to restore the contents from the archive, but for others e.g. Mail, it’s a little more involved.

Please visit your friendly LTT or IT team if you have any questions.

MacBook Purchase Procedures

Please note that we have updated the MacBook Purchase procedures on the school website:

Parents of Grade 4 students need to purchase a MacBook between May 7 and June 2, 2014. Ordering procedure is already posted on the school website.

Families with a child already owning a MacBook also need to contact the IT department at the school (phone 2240-6328 or email with model and purchase year to confirm the compatibility of the hardware and software. Pre-owners also need to purchase the 3-years AppleCare Protection Program (for MacBooks less than 12-months) and the pre-selected MacBook plastic hardcover (Gr.5/6 students only). This is required to be able to use the Senco-MassLink run MacHub Support Centre services. More information can be found on the school website

Thanks to those who have attended the Gr.4 Parent MacBook Information Session held in the library on May 7th. The keynote can be found here:

1:1 MacBook Programme information – Grade 4 Parents

Dear Grade 4 Parents,

We write to invite you to attend a 1:1 MacBook Programme information session onWednesday, 7 May from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Library. Our goal for each current Grade 4 student is to have a MacBook available from the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. To achieve this goal we are initiating the process now. For further details, please see the attached PDF. We look forward to meeting you in person to discuss these details and answer any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. John Turner - Head of Educational Technology

Mr. David Chan - Assistant Manager of Information Technology


Gr4 Parent letter 2014

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