iPad Speed Sharing Session

The first CDNIS iPad Speed Share session (iSSS) on Jan 15, 2015 was a slam. Inspired by the Speed Geek session from the ISKL iPad conference attended in Sept 2014, Vivian Fung organized our own iSSS for CDNIS lower school teachers to learn about practical apps for classroom use on the iPads. Ten tables each hosted by a teacher shared an app in 5.5 minutes and the participants then rotate to a different table in 30 seconds time. Practical experiences, learning values, hints/tips and ways of using the apps are shared by the host teachers at the table.

After the rollout of Teachers’ iPad on Nov 17, 2014, this iPad speed sharing session hopes to provide teachers with more ideas of using the iPad in a content creation methodology rather than a consumable device. The app we shared in the afternoon includes

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.00.14 am

About 60 Lower teachers including homeroom, specialist and Chinese Teachers plus educational assistants participated in the hour long sharing session. Light snacks were provided at the beginning and each tables were provided with nibbles. Feedback from teachers were all very positive. A very tight schedule but teachers are able to get a snapshot of 10 different apps in an hour. Special thanks to all teachers who shared at the host tables!

LTT will continue to provide further support to teachers who want to put these apps into practice and use them in the classroom.

PYP Exhibition, We Have Launch!

It’s PYP Exhibition season! That means the PYP class of 2015 needs a logo for banners, t-shirts, and wherever else they publicize this big deal. And it is a big deal! Grade 6 students may choose to address the theme, How We Express Ourselves, using coding, photography, poetry, film, drama, and more.

Step One: Learn about logo design

(Contact me if you want access to presenter notes.)

Step Two: Apply Learning to paper.

Digitime - logo design
(Actually, students sketched personal logos midway through the logo design presentation, and then re-evaluated their designs based on five principles of effective logo design.)

Step Three: Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator

Step Four: Get some feedback

David's personal logo, beta.
David’s personal logo, beta.

Taste of Coding @CDNISHK

Dec. 15-19, 2014 is the first Taste of Coding for students from Prep to Gr.4.  40-mins long coding lessons are designed for students to try making something work with simple programming codes.  Students develop computational thinking skills while trying to solve problems in a fun way.  iPad apps used range from Scratch Jr to Daisy the Dino and Hopscotch.  Students started with some basic activities to understand how blocks work and then take the challenge activities to further their understanding and extend their knowledge and creativity.  Many went away wanting to do more programming and use the apps at home.

Hour of Code at CDNIS

More like weeks, with all Grade 5 and 6 students completing five weeks of coding with visiting specialists working with MIT’s appinventor.
This will culminate with parents supporting the final session late next week.
Elsewhere, Lower School’s “Taste of Code” and the Library’s morning Code kick-offs have also helped raise the profile of coding as a worthwhile part of learning.
Check out more at the Junior Library website 
Coding opportunities in the Upper School are being planned for after the Winter Break. Stay tuned
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Spaces, Places and Games @CDNIS

Today the LTT members (Aaron Metz and Makky Fung) had an opportunity to run a parent LTT session at the Counsellor Coffee Morning.  The sessions aim to give parents a hands-on, practical experience to become more familiar with the technologies used at CDNIS as well as those tools children are using today for socialising.

Parents learned about Spaces, Places and Games that students use in these days and discuss the following questions:

Why are these spaces so attractive to our kids? How are they being used at CDNIS? What can we do as parents to help them to find educational value in these tools?

SPACES (educational spaces endorsed by CDNIS):

PLACES (online environments our students frequently use):

  • Instagram (iPhone App)
  • Soundcloud (Laptop Website)
  • YouTube Capture (iPad App)

GAMES (some popular games our students play):

  • Minecraft EDU (Laptop App)

Thanks to the Guidance Department for organising the sessions and to parents who participated.  Below is the keynote for parents to review the content of the sessions.

In school Digital Learning Infusion