1C iFolio Launching Party


I can not express to you the excitement and pride that is overflowing from the 1C classroom this week.  We are fortunate to have had the unique opportunity to trial digital portfolios in this classroom this year.  Thanks to the annual fund for this great opportunity.  We will review the process with all the stakeholders to inform us for future plan on digital portfolios and students using personal learning devices to demonstrate their learning.


Google Accounts for Prep to Gr.2 Students

Google accounts have been created for students in Prep to Gr.2 this year.
In the last few years, Google accounts have been used widely in Gr.3-12 for collaboration and communication.  This year we see the need in Prep to Gr.2 to use Google account to sign up for many third party websites such as Voicethread, Easy Blog Jr, Word Press, Khan Academy and Google Maps.  This setup arrangement has created more learning opportunities for the young students.
Due to the young age and their learning needs, we have enabled the following Google apps for students to use:
-Google Search
-Google Sites (which will lead you to Voicethread)
-Google Maps
All other Google apps have been disabled at the moment.  Students in Gr.3 and up will continue to build on this learning journey to utilize Gmail and other Google apps to engage in deeper thinking, communicating, collaborating and creating.


Lowerschool LTT Curriculum Night

Thanks for all parents who attended the LTT session on Sept 11, 2014 at the Lower School Curriculum Night.   Parents learned about the PYP ICT expectation for students, the six ICT skills and some example of ways to apply the skills.  We also discussed some new initiatives in Lower School LTT such as Digital Ambassadors programme, Gr.5/6 Digitime, Gr.1 iFolio, Early Years iPad integration, etc.  Below is the slide show that we have presented at the session.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the PYP ICT programme.

Exciting iFolio News!

Gr.1 iFolio Update

This year 1C is taking part in a very exciting pilot project!  Each student in 1C will be assigned an individual i-pad, provided by the school, to use as a personal learning device.  They will use their personal device exclusively in school. Students will use photos, voice and multimedia videos to create an iFolio where they will record their learning journey.  The iFolio will take the place of the traditional red binder portfolio.  Each student’s iFolio will be created in a blog format, allowing parents to regularly follow their child’s progress throughout the year.  Parents will be notified in the coming weeks with further information on how to access their individual child’s iFolio.  Please follow Ms Rendina’s blog to see the latest happenings in this pilot classroom.


In school Digital Learning Infusion